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Let me introduce you...

I am pretty sure you are wondering why are you here? Why do I need to read another blog post from a random person who I have never seen before.

Well, cause it is going to be fun. You are going to see lots of behind the scene photos, maybe even videos if I will be motivated enough to edit them:) You are going to realise that it is a very fun, sometimes challenging yet so down to earth experience. Most of the time I wonder myself how is it possible to create 'professional' art works, photos and designs from way too ambitious ideas I always have and way too unprofessional environment it is created in.

Looking at the cool shots, you see in magazines, on websites you think it is probably done in a very serious and professional background with lots of people helping the photographer and model being the main figure. Or paintings done in very well lit, fully stocked art studio. Or architectural models perfectly cut and composed together in a professional, clean place. Well, most of the time it’s not and that is what you will see here.



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