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RIBA Competition 2021

One rainy November day I stumbled across an interesting RIBA competition, which was called - 'Wanderer's Wonder'.


The idea of the competition was to design a building or structure for shelter, rest and recuperation. It could have any other additional function but should be modular, demountable and reusable. The design had to focus on implementing a hot dip galvanized steel as an integral part of the overall material strategy, both structurally and aesthetically.


I always start designing a project from its physical location, drawing inspiration from unique characteristics of each place. While there was no specific location in the brief, I wanted to choose a space which would directly relate to the ‘Wanderer’s Wonder’ theme and which would promote and enhance a potential project.

I have chosen Coal Drops Yard, designed by the Heatherwick Studio as a prime location for my proposed scheme. It’s brutal character and vast permeable central area created a perfect opportunity for a design for this competition.


'As a result - a symbiosis between the existing location and the proposed design'


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