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A highlight about how I was featured in Vogue wearing my own clothing brand - TATOVI.

Have you ever been to a fashion week before? I haven't either, but London Fashion Week SS23 sounded like a good opportunity to step in the world of high fashion.

I decided to start discovering it by doing streetstyle with my fashion friends. And the only fashion brand that I could chose to wear was undoubtedly the clothing brand I founded myself - TATOVI.

TATOVI (from Ukrainian - father’s) is a clothing brand I founded in 2020 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Brand’s ideology is to focus on sustainability and slow fashion by creating timeless pieces that would remain in your wardrobe for years. Since 2020 I was operating it remotely from the UK, having a small team based in Kharkiv who dealt with the local manufacture and delivery of physical items.

I had to temporarily stop the production on 24 February 2022 because Russia decided to openly invade Ukraine, declaring a full-scale war. Kharkiv’s location placed my home town on the front lines of the war actions and it remained under occupation for many months. However that never stopped Ukrainians from living their lives and doing what they are passionate about.

So, if you ever wanted to transition from a fast-fashion or if you want to support a local Ukrainian business, here is a link to order -



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