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Here is a post about how I made a poster for my dearest friend Anastasia.

We first met in Giggleswick School which is located in the deepest and furthest end of England. If you would try to find it then you need to find York, from there a bit more towards little town called Settle and from there just ask any of the citizens - they will guide you towards the School. It celebrated its 500 years in 2012, so yeah, quite old and pragmatic. You would not guess that one of those people would become my friend and soon move to NY to pursue the career of film director.

Long story short - a couple of months ago she asked me to help her with her film by creating a poster. She wanted it to be hand-painted and knew that I could do that and I obviously said yes.

Firstly, she sent me some of the images that she liked. Then Ana sent me a trailer of her new film. From that I made several sketches. We had many options and it took quite a long time and communication to finalize the design (as she was in USA and I was in Ukraine).

Finalized scheme Quick sketch to see if colour works

After that I had to paint it. As this had to be made in a quite hyper-realistic style, this part took me as long if not longer than the preparatory work. Here is finished work.

Obviously 'if I had more time' is always going to be the main factor why I am never satisfied with my work. If you ask me - there is absolutely nothing from my portfolio that I am perfectly happy with. But here goes my main motivation - to try and do better and better every time!

And most importantly - Anastasia was very happy with the final result. So here is the final poster:

Overall it was a very interesting experience and I very much enjoyed the creative process behind creating something hand-painted, which is usually done digitally nowadays.

If you ask what was the main reason why Anastasia wanted me to paint it and what is the meaning behind all those details and characters on the poster - then you have to watch her film:)


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