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Exhibition in London

I was lucky enough to participate in the 'Alpha Theta' exhibition at the Biscuit Factory. I guess it was previously a Biscuit Factory (clever, right?) and now it is an open space for creative people to gather and spend evenings looking at artworks.

It was open from 7th of February until 12th of February with a grand opening happening evening on the 7th.

I presented a photographs from a series I have done many moons ago.

If you want to see it, here is a link

This is a series exploring everyday life in-depth, considering problems and fears of our current society. This series deals with made-up worlds in real life, worlds that people create in their minds to tackle the problems. It illustrates surrealistic emotions, which can be read in the body language, as emotions are the first thing people relate to, when they explore visual arts. It includes a range of experimentational photographs, from unfocused close-ups to sharp wide angled shots, and follows a frame-by-frame format. There is a narrative, which contains all the necessary information to understand it and there is an open meaning to every story. In the end, despite the fact that every viewer will understand the idea, each person will interpret it in many different ways.

It was a busy and eventful evening. After the opening night, people had a chance to come and see the work in a less crowded manner until the 12th of February. This gave them a chance to look, concentrate and think for themselves what does this series mean to oneself in particular, as only a heading is given so people were forced to use their imagination.

Do not be scared, explore!


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