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Art Battle in London 2018

So this is a story about how I spent one Friday afternoon.

I was invited to create a large 24x30 inches painting in just 45 minutes, which if you know if have seen my style is quite a challenge as I prefer realism over abstract art. And I decided - why not? If I will fail and will not be able to finish the painting, at least it will be a funny story to tell.

The event was called 'The Spirit of Big Local' and a theme for the painting was to create something that will promote the idea of the organisation and inspire people to help others more often. It was organised in RIBA, London.

Scary, right? I was obviously not nervous at all about the amount of people who will be watching me paint the giant portrait live for the whole 45 minutes. Joking, of course I was.

And here is the outcome tadaaaaaaa. Not going to lie, I was actually pleasantly surprised about how much I managed to paint in just 45 minutes, though was a bit unhappy with some of the details (being a perfectionist did not help).

At the end, me and two other artists auctioned our works to people from different charity organisations. We picked up random numbers form all the people who voted for us and presented paintings to them to hang in their community centres to promote the original idea of organisation and inspire youngsters.

The person who won my painting was very happy about it and now this 'masterpiece' is hanging in his community centre and hopefully promoting the idea of 'The Spirit of Big Local' and influencing people to help such a great organisation.


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