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'Inclusive Design' Ukraine 2020 Winner

Recently one of the projects I had worked on during my 3rd year at the University of Bath, was awarded 1st prize in the competition ‘Inclusive Design’ Ukraine 2020.

This competition featured work of students and professionals, which looked at the importance of creating an inclusive design in every aspect of our everyday life.

I had the opportunity to present and explain our project to the juries at the Kharkov City Council. At the end I was able to answer the questions about our design. We have further discussed the potential of analogous projects being implemented internationally as well as the application of similar designing approach to our domestic architecture and infrastructure projects.

Our winning proposal was comprised of a bridge design and a full redevelopment of the riverside located on the Limehouse Cut Canal in Poplar, London.

We particularly concentrated on designing fully accessible architecture, which came with many complications due to the nature of the existing site. Nevertheless, through many iterations, sketches and hours of modelling we managed to come out with more than just a bridge design but rather a strong piece of urban development which would promote local businesses and encourage cultural and social interactions within the neighborhood.

This event was featured on the television in the evening Kharkov news on the following day.

It was great ending to a very tough yet very productive year of 2020. Can’t wait for what is to come in 2021!


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