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Final year project at the University of Bath. Site located in Bristol, UK. This proposal is for a new building called Bristol Creative Association (BCA). It aims to challenge the current concept of teaching ART, MUSIC and BALLET, by subverting the idea that each creative area has to be taught in isolation. The school uses all the three mediums to bring the diversity of knowledge and experience into the existing teaching environment.

Four key principals are consistently followed through the scheme: the Light, defining territories; the Beacon, attracting visitors; the concept of Flexibility; and the notion of Interconnected Spaces. The seamless visual and physical interconnections among Art, Music and Ballet sectors result in the formation of a vibrant community, where different artistic mediums are intertwined in order to allow students to learn and constantly inspire each other. Despite being designed as a primarily after-hours school, the building is intended to be used by citizens and operate for the majority of the day, allowing an occasional passerby to enjoy the facilities and wander through the architecture as if it is a part of their neighbourhood. This inspiring environment aims to help the final user to slow down and wonder: enjoy the view, indulge in the creative atmosphere, appreciate the music or even learn how to perform arts themselves. 

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